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Bluewater Conventional
OEM Inquiries Only

American Marine Bluewater Conventional Windshield

The Bluewater conventional welded windshield is appropriate for traditional boats requiring economical protection from wind and water. This line of custom designed windshields provides great adaptability to deck configurations which exhibit crown or camber in the side coaming. The aluminum extrusions utilized in the frames are generally heavier than most and fully welded in all corners to provide great strength and durability, which means greater value to both the boat builder and the boat owner.

The standard ¾” thick Bluewater framing system is supported by several types of headbars, sills, posts, hinges and mullions to satisfy every possible design requirement. Opening front vents, push-out side vents, handrails, and wire channels are available.

AM-Four Section Windshield

The Bluewater windshield framing system is exceptionally versatile. Some of the many designs found in use today include 3 section center console windshields with handrails, 4 section express-style windshields, 5 section windshields with center front vents, and multi-section flybridge windscreens for larger yachts. The possibilities are limited only by the designer’s imagination.

OEM Inquiries Only.



  • OEM Standards

Optional Features:

  • Stainless steel hinge plates.

Sizing Charts

If you are looking for a custom size, please call Customer Service at 603.826.5791

Available Finishes

  • Powder Coat
    Powder coating offers an inexpensive, yet durable, semi-gloss finish. Our standard powder coat colors include black and white (akin to Vestal White Awlgrip™). Custom powder coat colors include Track White (Oyster White Awlgrip™) and Gloss White (Stark White Awlgrip™). Surface damage on dry paint, such as powder coat, may be somewhat difficult to repair.
  • Polyurethane Paint
    Polyurethane paints provide a chemically resistant finish with a high gloss surface. Both Awlgrip™ and Imron™ polyurethane paints are available in any color shown on the standard paint chart. This type of paint can be repaired, buffed, and blended in with the original coating. As stated in the manufacturer’s literature, polyurethane paints are for use only above the waterline, and should not be in continuous contact with water or wet covers.
  • Anodizing
    Anodizing provides the most durable, longest-lasting finish. The electro-chemical conversion of the aluminum surface strongly resists corrosion and allows the framing to remain bright. Our standard anodizing is a clear, brushed, bright-dipped finish.

Glazing Options

Tempered safety glass and acrylic plastic are available in various tints. The tints are contained in the glass or acrylic itself, not applied as a surface film. Tinting reduces the amount of visible and ultra-violet light allowed through the windows. UV protection can help prevent the fading of interior fabrics and heat build-up. The American Boat and Yacht Council recommends a 70% or greater light transmittance percentage for windows located in piloting areas. Low light transmittance may be desirable in salon and lower cabin windows. When selecting the appropriate tint, safety ramifications should always be considered.

Replacement Parts

Call customer service to order upon request.