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Advanced In-Boom Mainsail Reefing System

In-boom mainsail furling and reefing

Hoist and Douse your mainsail in seconds from the safety of the cockpit!

Safe, fast, and convenient. Better performance than in-mast systems. Comparable performance to conventional sails.

Available for yachts from 30′ to 60′. Over 300 Systems installed worldwide.


Ease of Operation

Furlboom makes sailing easier and safer. Dependable in all weather and sea conditions, the sail can be hoisted, reefed and furled by one person from the safety of the cockpit. Reefing is easy. In contrast to slab reefing, the Furlboom system flattens the sail as it is reefed, further depowering the sail. Stow and cover the mainsail in less than a minute; reef the sail in seconds. Furlboom’s advanced user-friendly design makes handling the mainsail a breeze. Add an electric winch and you have push-button furling and reefing.

Superior Sail Shape and Performance

Furlboom allows all the traditional features of a conventional, fully battened mainsail and more. Its innovative design improves sail shape and performance under varying conditions while allowing for sail shape adjustments. Automatic tensioning retains optimum sail shape, even as the mainsail is being reefed –staying flat, fast and efficient and therefore lessening weather helm and heel. The sail can be continuously reefed to any size. Furlboom is ideal for today’s highly efficient fully-battened mainsails. And as the sail is rolled when it’s stored, the usable life of the mainsail is lengthened. Unlike in-mast systems, your sail plan remains unaltered. A roach, luff curve, and mast bend can all be accommodated.

Quality, Durability, and Ease of Installation

Furlboom is constructed of anodized aluminum alloy extrusions with stainless steel and bronze hardware for long-lasting durability. Furlboom installs easily entirely on the back of the mast. And unlike conventional booms, Furlboom’s built-in sail cover provides protection for the sail when furled and eliminates the bulkiness inherent in slab reefing.

Whether you’re commissioning a new yacht or retrofitting your present one, choose Furlboom and welcome the performance, handling and safety advantages that come with this exclusive in-boom mainsail reefing and furling system. Set sail with Furlboom and heighten your sailing experience. The Furlboom in-boom mainsail reefing and furling system was developed by Australian sailmakers and spar builders and is manufactured and distributed in North America exclusively by Yachting Systems of America, LLC of Costa Mesa, California. For more information or to place an order call 949.642.9530. Or visit us on the web at www.furlboom.com.


  • Similar appearance to conventional booms. Lighter and smaller than comparable in-boom systems.
  • Mounted entirely on back of the mast. No equipment on forward side of mast that could interfere with jib sheets or spinnaker poles.
  • Smaller diameter per foot of hoist. (Lighter weight aloft)
  • Smaller cross-section makes the boom aesthetically pleasing.
  • Tapered overall boom shape.
  • Conventional sail shape with normal draft, roach, and full-length battens.
  • Actual outhaul/sail flattener adjustment.
  • Superior mast track system that works with fractional rigs, pre-bent masts and adjustable backstays.
  • Small bolt rope and continuous PVC luff genoa-size groove. Smaller rolled up sail diameter at the gooseneck (bolt rope lasts longer). PVC sail track insert eliminates sail chafing.
  • Non-welded construction with concealed fasteners.
  • Standard anodized boom finish can also be painted.
  • Backup furling capability at mast in the event of furling line failure. Optional primary furling control at mast when rope drive and furling line are not used.

Optional Features:

  • Optional Features (if any) will be available soon.

Sizing Charts

Choose your choice of measurement and view the available sizes.

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