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Air Conditioning Units – 10,000 BTU

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  • Composite Tapered Chassis
  • Island Design component mounts
  • Vibration Isolation Mounts
  • Integral Insulated Compressor Shield
  • Dul Condensates Drains
  • Uni-Body Construction
  • Composite Blower / Evaporator Housing
  • 36″ Control Harness


  • No Standing Condensate Water or its related Odors & Bacteria
  • No Component stands in water
  • Isolates vibration & Noise from your boat
  • Compressor noise Isolated
  • Eliminates Condensate Spills
  • Eliminates Component Vibration and Noise
  • Isolates Blower noise and or vibrations
  • Lower Unite Profile, simplifies Installation and service

Sizing Charts

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