Sail the Winds of Change...

Mainsail handling has always been cumbersome work, better done by a large crew. And the modern alternatives intended to simplify it often required extensive (and expensive) modifications to the boat's hardware and almost always compromised sailing performance.

Hoist or Furl the Mainsail in Less Than a Minute.

Enter Furlboom, the no compromise in-boom mainsail furling and reefing system that allows for safe, efficient and effortless mainsail handling while maintaining and even improving the sail's performance.

Reef the Mainsail at Any Time.

Until Furlboom, sailors around the world endured the inconveniences of conventional slab or jiffy reefing operations. With Furlboom's system, furling and reefing is now easy, safe and offers the ultimate in performance -- a true revolution in mainsail furling.
Not only is this state-of-the-art boom durable and competitively priced, its reliability and superior performance has forever changed everything from leisurely sailing to blue water offshore cruising.  Operated from the cockpit or the foot of the mast, reefing and furling the mainsail is a single handed operation, allowing for non-incremental reefing and the elimination of sail chaffing.


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