Since 1968, American Marine Products has been providing high quality windshields to boat builders and boat owners. Our company philosophy has been steadfast and simple: Provide our customers with strong and durable products that offer long-lasting service and with that philosophy our commitment to provide outstanding customer service, superior product design and continuous product improvement. These simple goals have served us well through the years, and we believe that they are even more important today. We at American Marine Products are dedicated to supporting you. You can suitability for use, and ordering information. It is our hope that it ill be an aid to you in specifying the product you need. 

Windshields manufactured for the marine industry are individually designed to OEM specifications for specific boat models. This guide presents some of the many types of products manufactured by American Marine Products which are routinely fabricated to meet customer specifications. Information is presented about each product type, including specific features, dimensions and options.

Our engineering staff is accustomed to early involvement in the design of a new boat. We work in partnership with your designer to determine the best glazing solution for the boat. In this manner, you can be assured of attaining the optimum design. Ultimately this means success for you and long-lasting value for the boat owner.

The framing system of all American Marine curved windshields are fully welded, which provides strength and durability not found in mechanically framed windshields. This construction technique also allows for the use of front opening vents or side wing vents to increase cockpit air flow, a feature not available in many curved windshields.

The additional strength also allows some of our designs to be utilized as a structural member to support certain hardtop designs. And finally the welded construction allows us to extend lifetime warranty on its structural framing systems.

The American Marine windshield framing systems are exceptionally versatile. Some of the many designs found in use today include 3 section center console windshields with handrails, and multi-section cockpit and cuddy cabin windshields, 5 section windshields with center front vents, and multi-section flybridge windscreens for larger yachts. The possibilities are limited only by the designer's imagination.

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